Northwestern University Coon Forum Lecture Hall

Coon Forum

We coordinated the renovation of sound reinforcement and acoustics for this 750 seat lecture hall in 1998. Our initial survey found a hall with reasonably good acoustics, an incredibly noisy HVAC system, and an ineffective sound system whose loudspeaker layout met architectural requirements for the ceiling's circular symmetry, but didn't relate to the seating layout it was intended to serve. Our first recommendation was to correct the HVAC problems, and that was accomplished with the help of our acoustics team.

Next, a basic but effective speech reinforcement system was installed. A cluster of three compact full range loudspeakers covers the front half of the room. Three more of the same loudspeakers, configured in a ring about 25 feet into the seating area, covers the rear half. All of the loudspeakers are painted to match the ceiling grid to which they are mounted. Loudspeakers are custom by Renkus-Heinz, based on our original design. All of the loudspeakers are visible in the photograph but remain inconspicuous, both because of their low profile design and the fact that they have been painted to match other finishes around the lighting grid.